Wine and Dine in Basque Country

Wine and Dine in Basque Country

Wine and dine in Basque Country

Every year, numerous studies confirm the health benefits of wine. A tour in a country is incomplete without tasting their famous liquor. The popular drinks in Spain are red wine and brandy. If you’re touring in Basque Country, wine aficionados highly recommend these wine attractions: More information Experiencias País Vasco

Rioja Alavesa in Guardia, Araba

One of the classiest experiences Basque Country can offer, Rioja Alavesa is one of the most renowned wineries in the area. Visit their winery, dine, and gain knowledge with a wine tour guide.

Txakoli Vineyard in Getaria

There are a lot of wine culture experiences Basque Country offers these days. Txakoli Vineyard has packages that range from basic to premium. You can have a guided walk around vineyards and see where they grow their products. You can also have a picnic with a glass of wine, bread, and anchovies. Click here

Sidreria in Astigarraga

If you love wine culture, you’d also love walking around the apple orchards of Sidreria. They also offer guided visits and tasting of apple cider drinks and cider sausages.

Remember to drink moderately, enjoy the wine culture, and gain that healthy blush on your face.

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