Reasons to opt for an air operated diaphragm pump

Reasons to opt for an air operated diaphragm pump

The widespread and extensive application of the AOD pumps in the chemical industry has ensured its market demand and growth over the past few years. Being available in both non-metallic and metallic finishes, this pump is capable of giving highly effective performances, irrespective of the industry it is used in. Providing a non-stalling operation even at the lowest of pressure, the air operated diaphragm pump has become one of the most widely used pumps in popular industries like mining, water and wastewater management, manufacturing, food, and beverage, etc. Here are some of the major reasons why you must choose this pump for fluid transfer.

Ideal for handling various liquids

One of the main reasons for which more and more industries are choosing to buy air operated diaphragm pump is because of ability to handle fluids of different viscosity. Not only can this pump handle low, high or medium thick states of fluids, but can also pump liquids that feature various solid materials or low-density powders. Even when it comes to handling the acidic types of liquids, this pump does a perfect job.

Ability to run without power

In case there’s no electricity, this pump doesn’t fail to perform. As the air operated diaphragm pump Australia shops sell doesn’t require any type of electrical control at all, it keeps on giving an efficient performance without the presence of electricity as well. It works through its diaphragms, the separated air chambers and the controlled passage of compressed air through them.

Easy to handle and carry

Another main benefit that you can have when using an air operated diaphragm pump is that it’s very easy to carry from one place to other. It doesn’t come with any complex mechanical structure or installation. It is the simplicity of the working principle observed in this pump that makes it extremely effortless to handle as well as move from place to place. The easy installation process and portability make it perfect for multi-location application. Click here Global Pumps

Ability to run dry if needed

This self-priming pump with more than 20 ft. higher lifts can run dry if needed without causing any damage to the surroundings or internal mechanism. It also has the ability to function against shut or closed discharge, eliminating risks of any damage at all. Sometimes, these pumps can even run submerged or immersed in the process liquid.

Adjustability of performance

The easy adjustability of its performance is also another reason why the industrial and commercial professionals find air operated diaphragm pump. Based on the requirements of the application, the performance speed can be controlled. And to control that there’s no need for any complex procedures. By simply varying the pressure of the air inlet it is possible to let it deliver the required performance.


It’s also the leak-proof and seal-less design and the compressed look that make the air operated diaphragm pump a preferred choice over others. Whether it is industrial application or commercial, when it comes to transferring different types of fluids, such as raisins, fuels, cosmetic of food-based liquids, this pump continues to be an ideal choice because of its various beneficial qualities. See more at