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Get Back in Shape and Start Cycling: Health Benefits of Biking

Get Back in Shape and Start Cycling: Health Benefits of Biking

These days, it is important that you stay fit and healthy. With the rising cases of heart problems related to obesity, doing exercises will not only keep your body in shape but will also keep your heart and vital organs functioning properly. That is why more people are now into sports like running or cycling. Back in 20017, Charles Hillman conducted a study showing how exercise can boost brain power and help stop the onset of Alzheimer’s among the elderly. Not only that. Excercise, like cycling, for instance, can help control ADD in children. However, before you embark on your cycling adventure or any workout for that matter, it is important that you wear appropriate clothing. Wearing cycling jersey’s will help keep you dry and warm on cold weather and keep you cool during warmer months. Other than help you keep your ideal weight, there are other benefits to cycling that you can enjoy. Below are some of them:
  • Beat Knee Pain and Osteoarthritis. Various studies have already been conducted and the results were the same. Patients who were suffering from knee pain and osteoarthritis noticed an improvement in their condition when they started cycling. It only proves that growing older is not an excuse to be lenient. In fact, as you age, it is recommended that you do exercises appropriate for your age and condition to so you can still stay fit and healthy. Just be sure to wear custom cycling jersey’s so you will be more comfortable when cycling.
  • Help Prevent Cancer. The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study and concluded that people with higher fitness level have a lower risk for developing lung and colorectal cancer. That is why it is important that you maintain a healthy weight, do regular exercises as well as a healthy diet to lower your risk of cancer. One way to achieve that is through joining cycling groups so you will be more motivated to get up and get on your bike regularly.
  • Decrease Stress Levels. Cycling will help you go out there and be more exposed to nature. As you know, fresh air and a good scenery can greatly improve your mood. As your mood improves, it will also help reduce your anxiety and depression and improve your overall mental health. You can achieve all that when you start cycling. Your view will not be limited to the four walls of your room but you will also be more in tune with nature. Just be sure to wear comfortable cycling jersey’s so you will not feel too hot or cold while cycling.
  • Manage Diseases. There are illnesses that are best managed when you go cycling, like type 2 diabetes for instance. Because of the sedentary lifestyle and working behind desks, more and more people develop this condition. However, this can be managed when you start cycling. A study in Finland found out that people who engage in cycling for at least 45 minutes to an hour have lower risks of developing diabetes.
  • Get Around the City Faster. Traffic has been a common problem these days. More and more cars are congesting the major highways and getting to and from work has become more stressful. You have to spend hours behind the wheel and wasting your time. Instead of getting stuck in traffic, you can reach the city faster when you use a bike. There are bike-friendly cities with bike lanes available that you can use so commuting will not be a hassle. Just wear your safety gear and a custom cycling clothing so you will move around easier. You can bring spare clothes to your office and change there the minute you arrive. Not only will you keep your body in good shape, you will also get to your office faster and with less hassle than getting there by car.
The above are just a few benefits you can enjoy when you start cycling. Never be lenient when it comes to your health. The earlier you start taking care of your weight, the more you will enjoy and live life to the fullest. Other than wearing cycling jerseys, you can also opt for club cycling kit as well as cycling bib shorts so you will have a complete cycling apparel. You can even visit for more details.

Hip Hop Dancing: Dancing Those Fats Away

Hip Hop Dancing: Dancing Those Fats Away

Let’s face it, exercising can be both tiring and boring. But since it is good for our body we still do it. However, there are actually a few ways where you can have fun yet burn a lot of fat. One of them is Hip hop dancing. Hip hop is a style of dance that incorporates crumping, breaking, popping, locking and roboting. It is popularized by the African American youth culture around the sixties and is still continuing to evolve even up to this day. It is a great way to burn some fat because it involves movement of all the major body parts. Here are some other reasons why you should take HipHop danc Lessons in Sydney.

It makes you happier

Have you ever seen a frowning hip hop dancer before? You might have not, and you probably never will. A study conducted by the Journal of Perceptual and Motor skills showed that hip hop dancing can elevate the levels of positive mood and feelings. It also lessens psychological stress and fatigue. There are a lot of blogs online that will tell you that they are happy while they are dancing. In addition to that, since it is a dance class, you get to meet new people, see new sights and experience new things.

It improves your endurance, posture and balance

Hip hop dancing is actually a very strict discipline despite its street cred and contemporary roots. The moves that the dancers make are very demanding to the body and might take years to perfect. With that being said, on the course of learning this discipline, you improve your balance through breaking. Posture is another area that you will improve on while learning this dance discipline. Dance moves such as popping and locking require good posture because these moves are designed to fool the mind of the viewers. Dance lessons usually last for an hour or two. By joining Hiphop dance lessons in Sydney, you might also improve your endurance because of the intense yet constant movements that your body is going to make.

It has a lot of anaerobic effects

This is just a fancy way of saying that it strengthens your muscles a lot. It involves a lot of movements that affect the core muscle groups. It will allow you to maximize the potential strength and function of your muscles. Because of that, simple day to day tasks will be a lot easier. This will also increase your confidence because toned muscles look good. Men and women throughout the world prefer healthy looking partners. That fact is encoded in our DNA. So, you are literally hitting two birds with one stone.

These are only a few of the countless positive things that enrolling in hip hop dancing might give you. Remember though that before making any rushed decision that you might regret in the future, consult a doctor first. Make sure that you are fit and able enough to participate in this rigid yet effective and fun weight loss routine. Once you get an approval from your doctor, go ahead and find a studio. There are a lot of studios that offer hiphop dance lessons in Sydney. Just choose one and be fit!

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